The all new 308 5 door Peugeot- A Fuel efficient Ute

Peugeot is a big European brand which is ruling the automotive industry for a long time. Its one of the latest flagships is the All-New 308 5 door peugeot, which is fully loaded with exciting features. This family hatchback is not just great in looks but also a good to drive Ute. With the fast improving services from agencies having authorized Peugeot dealership,and the excellent fuel economy, this car is ready to give a tough competition to all other cars of the same mid size segment.

  • Performance and drive:

The All-New 308 5 door peugeot is a fun to drive Ute. The manufacturers have focused more on offering utmost comfort to the buyer. The soft suspension allows your body to gently lean towards the corners. The car steering is highly responsive and quite precise. It is undoubtedly a mind-blowing Ute for all those who are willing to purchase a sport coupe with a masculine look. It strikes a fine balance between handling and comfort.

  • Engine specifications:

With an efficient turbocharged three cylinder petrol engine of 1.2 litres, the All-New 308 5 door peugeot is a great option for every family. The refined upgraded engine is more smooth and quiet. It is teamed up with a 6 speed manual transmission that offers great performance. This car is better in terms of fuel economy. The CO2 emission is also less. On the whole, Peugeot comes with sharper dynamics to thrill the road.

  • Interiors:

This car is equally impressive in terms of the interior too. The cluster free dashboard appears clean and organized. Most of the systems are controlled using the touch screen which is easily accessible by the driver. Although this car is not as spacious as the grand Peugeot 5008 7 seat wagon, but still it can easily accommodate 5 adults. The legroom and headroom are quite decent. The seats are large and covered with premium quality leather. The dials are placed high on the dash. The steering and the driving seats are provided with multiple adjustments using which the driver can get the most comfortable position. The boot is quite roomy in which one can easily place their luggage. read more

Tips on Applying Graphics and Decals on a Motorbike

All motorbike riders like their bikes and it is quite unlikely finding someone who would frown at the opportunity of accessorizing and modifying them with decals and stickers. Installing a selection of ktm plastics would probably look great on any bike. In fact, many riders prefer sprucing up their road beasts by installing graphics and decals on them. Others take this measure to conceal any scratches or dents from their bikes. If seeking for graphic installations or similar solutions, the guide below might assist you on how to apply and install them on your bike.

ktm plastics

Preparative Steps

It is necessary to first inspect the plastic of your acquired graphic. Have it replaced if it looks defective, scratched or scuffed in any way, maybe with the ktm plastics Australia motor spare merchants have available. Before applying the graphics to your bike, ensure that its plastic is in great shape.

For installation you will require the following:

    • paper knife / scissors
      • adhesive paper tape
        • heat gun or hair dryer
          • degreasing agent / alcohol-water mixture
            • squeegee (optional)

            Do wash your hands since you need them clean when touching any replacement ktm plastics or graphics’ surface. Doing this would enable you to better prepare the application area and keep it looking neat. The graphics are quite likely to loose their stickiness too if your hands have any oil or dirt over them.

            You may then proceed to prepare the surface. Remove it completely in case your bike has some pre-installed tattoos or graphics. Make use perhaps of a heat gun or hair dryer for warming up the old graphic and cleaning the surface using a degreasing agent. Avoid leaving any form of glue residues upon the surface. The bike’s material or say, replaced Australia ktm plastics need to be warmed up well, before applying the new sticker.

            Applying the Graphic

            Place the Decal graphics afterwards over the spot where you wish to install them before taping down the decal onto it, which helps to hold it in place. You may then peel off backing paper from the decal’s background up to its middle. Next, cut the peeled part then check whether the decal is aligned as you would have it. read more

How do you improve the value of your car for sale?

From a seller’s perspective, you need to improve the value of your car in order to get a good price when you sell it. Well, it could be a used model you got from Brisbane Jeep dealers just two years back. While your objective is to fetch a good price from the car, one thing you should know is that you are going to work hard to earn that prize.

brisbane jeep dealers

Approach it from a buyer’s direction

When it comes to selling your car, it is advisable to approach the subject from the customer’s (buyer) perspective. Many reviews and comments just concentrate on tips for the buyer and neglect an important part of the subject as well: what the owner of the car can do to increase the value of the car. For example, you got a new car from reliable Brisbane Jeep dealers some years back. The moment you drove out of the dealership’s parking lot, the value of the car started depreciating. Many buyers are smart and they already know that.

How do you maintain the value?

As a car owner, you need to ensure that your car fetches the best price and this can happen if you protect and maintain its value. Many buyers prefer a car for sale by owner because the cars are often clean and well maintained. Besides, buying from dealerships may cost more because of the middlemen involved. Here are some things you can do to improve the value of your car for a better deal.

Consider the aftermarket accessories you install in your car: you may realize that at the time of selling your car, the buyer is not interested in the expensive stereo you installed in it. While it increased the value of the car, it does not add value when you sell the car, especially when the buyer is not interested in it. It is important to install accessories that add lasting value to your car, for example, bed liners.

Do research about towing specifications of your vehicle: this helps you identify the parameters for towing set by your car’s manufacturer. With time, over-towing can put a strain on your car’s engine, leading to costly repairs. This, in the end, can affect your car’s resale value. If you own a Jeep, for example, liaise with reliable Brisbane Jeep dealers for towing specifications. read more

Skoda Wagon – Approach with a Long Term View

Almost all automobiles, particularly passenger cars in Australia, are imported from different parts of the world and sold. There is very little domestic manufacturing of vehicles happening currently. This has created a healthy competition among the top international car companies and each one is trying to bring their best models to suit the Australian market. There are factors like customer preferences and governmental regulations on fuel emission standards which determine this. Australia has also followed the global trend in buying more SUVs than the other models and all brands are very conscious of this while launching their vehicles. The Skoda wagon cars are not exactly SUVs, but the Volkswagen group has cleverly positioned these as some sort of a cross between a sedan and an SUV. The customers are the ultimate decision makers.

Small Cars Make a Significant Segment

If the SUVs are ramping up sales among the young and the upwardly mobile population, there is a separate market for the compact models of cars as well. A focused survey may reveal that some of the older people, even the young females and those living single, may all show a preference for cars like Skoda Fabia Monte Carlo. While these compact cars might be lacking in size, they more than make up for it through design, both exterior and interior and many features to make it a pleasure driving them. In fact, the whole range of Skoda cars Australia wide enjoys the reputation for being built quite sturdily and can be relied on to provide trouble free service for many years.

Keep Ticking the Boxes

Thanks to the explosion of information available offline and even more online, any buyer of an automobile can do a very thorough exercise on going through the details of the cars, whether it is the Skoda Octavia wagon or any other vehicle. There are websites like, which have details of the Skoda wagon vehicles and images and descriptions and it is easy to understand what every model has as unique features. Probably you can even make comparisons to know the minor difference between the different versions of the same model. Some major differences like the fuel being petrol or diesel or the engine capacity being higher on some will also be seen. read more

Five Ways to Kill Your Car

Well, you just acquired a new KIA Rio from a preferred dealership in your area and you hope to enjoy a sleek ride for the next three years or so. A great investment indeed, but did you know that some habits on your part as the owner could slowly kill your car? This article exposes some of the ways that can gradually affect the performance of your car to the point that it stalls. Cutting on the activities could save your wallet and minimize your trips to a reliable center for KIA Rio service.

When you ignore the check engine light

Each component of your car serves a particular purpose. The illuminated light for the engine check performs an important role to warn you that something is amiss, however small it may be. For example, the light could send a signal to a problem that affects the fuel economy of the vehicle. Ignoring such a warning could lead to costly repairs after a substantial damage. Once detected, you should take the car to a reliable KIA Rio service center.

When you fail to change filters and fluids

The fluids protect the components and systems of your new KIA. It is important to check them regularly to ensure that they are in the right condition and level. Replace used filters to enhance your vehicle’s operation. Failure to observe the practice could easily shorten the life of your car.

When you neglect your tires

Ensure that the tires have adequate pressure as advised by the manufacturer. Each tire comes with a capacity indicator, which you should obey at all times. If you have difficulty with your car’s tires, you should visit a nearby KIA Rio service center for appropriate advice regarding tire pressure and tread depth. Poor tires affect safety, performance, and fuel consumption, all in the negative.

When you neglect service schedule

From the moment you drive your new KIA Cerato from the dealership’s lot, it comes with a service schedule that you should follow. With time, the parts and components of your car wear out and they need professional service to restore their optimal functions. Reliable service centers have qualified mechanics to handle every aspect of your car. read more

5 Amazing Benefits of Buying a Second Hand or Used Car

Are you a fan of amazing cars like Peugeot 208 and wish to possess one? Well, then no need to worry about the high price that you have to pay for owning a car from such reputed brands, as you can fulfill your dream of owning a car by buying a used car too. Though you may need to do some additional research on the seller or the car model on your part, purchasing pre-owned cars like a Brisbane used Peugeot definitely have benefits to offer that you may find extremely impressive.

brisbane used peugeot

Lower Price

The very first and major benefit of purchasing used cars over the new ones is the affordable sale price. To fulfill your dreams of having a luxury car, instead of buying a new Peugeot 4008 Brisbane car dealers sell, you can opt for the used version of the same and save a lot of money without having to worry about the affordability issue at all. Yes, compared to the price of a brand new car, a second-hand car comes for a far lesser price.

Cheaper Insurance Cost

The rates of insurance for a car are generally affected by the age of a car. Therefore, naturally, when you opt for a used car over purchasing a freshly arrived model like the all-new Peugeot 208 GTI Brisbane dealers sell, you become entitled to less expensive insurance charges. Plus, you can also save money on the registration fee as well when buying a used one.

Depreciation Minimized

The market value of a new car depreciates at a much higher rate than that of a used car and it is here that buying a second-hand car can be of great benefit to you. As a result of this low depreciation rate, there will be lesser mental depreciation as well as you don’t have to worry about the paint chip or the door ding when in a parking lot, etc.

No Headaches for Taxes

Do you know that many state laws charge a certain amount of tax on the purchase of a new car but don’t levy a single tax on the used ones? And even if you have to pay some tax, be assured that the amount is lesser than the purchase of new car demands. And when cars like Brisbane used Peugeot are purchased from reputed car dealers, there are no worries of paying any extra hidden tax. read more

Where To Avail Best Quality 2nd Hand Tyres In Gold Coast

Gold Coast is full of car lovers, and all would swear by the fact that it’s always too expensive to deal with car parts. One of the most expensive, and money leeching thing in the world is to maintain a car; however, small or big it may be. That is why car lovers and car owners feel like getting into an association where they can actually discuss the best ways to decrease the expenses. Well, there are actually effective ways to decrease the expenses, and you can do so by investing in 2nd hand tyres in Gold Coast, if not on other car parts.

Car Accessories and Tyres can be Bought at a Lower Price

If you are a car lover and a car accessory enthusiast, you must be comparing prices of the car parts whenever you get a chance to. In such cases, you would know that car parts can be negotiated at lower prices when you are buying used parts in mint conditions. This is one good old trick, which many car owners learn through the years. Initially, you may have a false prejudice for the use of only first-hand products. But as you will start keeping a track of all your expenses on the car, you will come to know, how much of your monthly earnings get into that piece of automobile. How much loved it maybe, but still you also get things for your use on discount and end of season sale. Then why not save on those car tyres which come so costly, when bought new. A small research on the dealers which sell the best quality 2nd hand tyres in Gold Coast would always save you some good money and would help you invest that saved amount on other car accessories.

Great Used Tyres in Best Condition in Gold Coast

Gold Coast is a crowded city with all facilities and shops for people of all types. That is why there are shops, which deal in first-hand items, and then there are shops dealing in used items which are in a great condition.

To start with you can do an online search. You will get to know about the sellers. There are tyre brands, which are best sellers, and then again, there are tyre dealers, who deal in those brands. If you get such a dealer dealing in all brands of 2nd hand tyres in Gold Coast, then you are done with the research. read more

Exceptional Vehicle Service from the Best

Vehicle maintenance is one key activity for ensuring durability and long life of the car. Though sometimes it is hard to keep up with the schedule, this is a necessary activity. According to research, at least 80 % of vehicles have parts in need of servicing. Lack of service leads to high running expenses with excessive fuel consumption and can even lead to environmental pollution. Poor maintenance can also lead to machine failure causing road accidents. Good Citroen service will go a long way in ensuring the durability and comfort of the vehicle.

citroen service

Quality of Citroen cars

The comfort and service offered by Citroen centers is just great. The process of developing and releasing new models involves rigorous and extensive driving tests to ensure proper and accurate design. Testing is also done in extreme conditions to check for sturdiness. This perfect status must always be maintained through a good Citroen service provider.

Servicing Process

This process involves thorough checking of the moving parts for wear and tear, checking for the required replacement parts, fuel delivery systems, air conditioning and even checking for unusual noises. Some of the checks during service include;

  • Wheels servicing – The most important check is for wheel balancing, alignment and the condition of the rim.  A great Citroen service workshop should have the necessary equipment for this type of service. Guidance is also given for appropriate actions for maintaining the wheels in good condition. The percentage of tread wear should also be analyzed and new ones provided.
  • Engine service – It involves oil change after hitting the recommended mileage, checking the radiators and the condition of the cooling system. Great car service would also check for loose bolts and nuts, which could cause further problems. Leakages should also be checked in the hydraulic systems such as the brakes and the status of the pads or linings. Belts, radiator hoses and even exhaust channels should also be checked for malfunction.
  • Air conditioning – The air system is bound to be clogged from regular contact with dust and even flying insects. It must be unclogged regularly and the refrigeration systems inspected for faults. This is a very expensive system that must always be checked by qualified and experienced technicians.

Buying a Citroen

With the great and innovative features of the Citroen brand, it is a worthy option to buy new Citroen for your daily and comfortable movement needs. Brisbane city Citroen offers various options aimed at helping you acquire the vehicle. You will be processed a new Citroen quote easily that will guide you on the expected costs and even the financing options available. You can also take a test drive to guarantee that the vehicle you buy is in good and perfect condition.

Used car option

Financial problems should not stop you from owning a car. Used Citroen cars are also available, which are in perfect condition. Financing options will allow you achieve your dreams of finally owning a car.

At Brisbane city Citroen, you get excellent customer service and while your car is getting serviced, you can even surf the Internet at the lounge. For more details visit read more