What Makes a Coal Mining Company Ethical?

James Palmerston | March 26, 2020 | 0

When people hear the word ethics, what usually comes to mind is one’s ability to decipher right from wrong, and good from the bad. While this view of ethics is true, it is not the complete definition of such a complex philosophical concept.

Ethics is actually the search for that one universal moral standard that transcends beyond race, industries, and cultures. In the context of mining, ethics plays a crucial role in determining if a company adheres to sound moral standards in their mining operations. The mining ethos of Kestrel Coal, for example, upholds not only the safety of their workers and operation but also the safety of the environment.

Foundation of the current-day Mining Ethos

The ethos governing companies like Kestrel Coal started when old mining operations wrestled with elements found under the earth and by the constant presence of physical effort and natural risks. All these elements defined and continue to influence a professional miner’s peculiarities when he is faced with different forces of nature.

If you check out https://kestrelcoal.com/, you’ll understand that there is more to a mining operation than digging, burning coal, and disposal of coal ash. The constant effort of the professional miners and mining scientists to come up with a more environment-friendly method of processing coal led to the discovery of such technologies as Carbon Capture and Storage (CSC).

Through this, instead of releasing carbon emissions into the atmosphere, they are stored at two to three kilometres deep under the earth. This can significantly lessen the amount of carbon footprint and greenhouse gases that are emitted into the atmosphere and contributing to the global warming phenomenon. This alone can speak volumes about the ethics of modern-day mining companies like Kestrel Coal. Check Kestrel Coal for more details.

Ethics in dealing with the stakeholders 

If you go over https://kestrelcoal.com/, you’ll see that coal mining companies have a higher responsibility to the people and communities they serve. Their stakeholders are all individuals and entities that have a stake in the success or failure of their operations.

In as far as their internal stakeholders are concerned, Kestrel Coal is making sure that the entire workplace is safe from any occupational hazard. And since a vast majority of their employees are going underground to dig for coal, their ethical obligation requires them to make the mining area and any structures built therein to be generally safe.

Aside from that, they must also ensure that they are not harming the natural resources surrounding them and the people living in the community. This means that ethics dictate for them to observe a certain degree of diligence to make sure that their operation does not incur any detrimental effects to the external environment.

The Takeaway

Despite the criticisms that coal mining is not inherently safe to the environment, breakthroughs and alterations in the coal capturing, transfer, burning, and disposal quickly turned the tides in favour of these coal mining firms. Now, they can truly say that despite being a dirty energy source, coal can be transformed to keep the environment virtually clean.  For more information, visit https://kestrelcoal.com/.