Five Ways to Kill Your Car

Well, you just acquired a new KIA Rio from a preferred dealership in your area and you hope to enjoy a sleek ride for the next three years or so. A great investment indeed, but did you know that some habits on your part as the owner could slowly kill your car? This article exposes some of the ways that can gradually affect the performance of your car to the point that it stalls. Cutting on the activities could save your wallet and minimize your trips to a reliable center for KIA Rio service.

When you ignore the check engine light

Each component of your car serves a particular purpose. The illuminated light for the engine check performs an important role to warn you that something is amiss, however small it may be. For example, the light could send a signal to a problem that affects the fuel economy of the vehicle. Ignoring such a warning could lead to costly repairs after a substantial damage. Once detected, you should take the car to a reliable KIA Rio service center.

When you fail to change filters and fluids

The fluids protect the components and systems of your new KIA. It is important to check them regularly to ensure that they are in the right condition and level. Replace used filters to enhance your vehicle’s operation. Failure to observe the practice could easily shorten the life of your car.

When you neglect your tires

Ensure that the tires have adequate pressure as advised by the manufacturer. Each tire comes with a capacity indicator, which you should obey at all times. If you have difficulty with your car’s tires, you should visit a nearby KIA Rio service center for appropriate advice regarding tire pressure and tread depth. Poor tires affect safety, performance, and fuel consumption, all in the negative.

When you neglect service schedule

From the moment you drive your new KIA Cerato from the dealership’s lot, it comes with a service schedule that you should follow. With time, the parts and components of your car wear out and they need professional service to restore their optimal functions. Reliable service centers have qualified mechanics to handle every aspect of your car.

When you keep a dirty car

Leaving your car for weeks without washing can easily lead to a build-up of rust and chemicals, which eventually affect the overall performance. In addition, ensure safe driving conditions by driving smart. This helps the fuel economy. Avoid aggressive driving and ensure the engine is properly tuned. Fortunately, reliable centers for KIA service exist to give your car professional checkups as required. If you would like to know more about KIA Cerato specials in Australia, you could visit

Auto care is not a priority for most car owners, but as experts suggest, failure to follow the mentioned tips could easily affect your safety, performance, and the value of your car. With professional routine maintenance, you could save money, maintain the value of your car, and even save your own life!

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