Looking for a promising cancer treatment super food? Turmeric might be the answer

James Palmerston | August 26, 2019 | 0 | Health & Beauty

Turmeric, known as haridra, haldi, jiang huang, or Indian saffron is a popular Asian spice belonging to the ginger family. Turmeric is also an important ingredient in making curries. This spice is not only a wonderful addition to different Asian dishes, but its several health benefits also make it more and more popular. Because of its popularity, some people combine turmeric and pepper to enhance the health benefits of this Asian spice.

Turmeric and pepper is a popular combination because the piperine content in pepper improves the absorbability of curcumin in turmeric.

Health benefits of turmeric

Turmeric is not only used as a spice but it is also consumed in the forms of teas, lattes, and capsules. There are capsules containing organic turmeric with black pepper and ginger to provide you with turmeric’s full health benefits.

Here are some health benefits organic turmeric powder Australia has to offer:

· Aids in weight loss

· Antioxidant

· Treats and prevents cancer

· Anti-inflammatory

· Prevents cardiovascular diseases

· Prevents diabetes

Turmeric against cancer

Curcumin, an active ingredient in turmeric, helps improve and treat all kinds of health problems including cancer. Many cancer patients add turmeric to their dishes or take turmeric tea, and capsules because of curcumin’s anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidants which can help prevent and treat cancer.

Studies that prove curcumin can be a promising treatment for cancer

Studies conducted on animals suggest that curcumin can help prevent, slow down, and treat different types of cancer. However, curcumin used on humans for preventing and treating cancer still has a long way to go to prove its effectivity. Here are some studies that show curcumin can be a promising treatment and prevention for cancer:

· Animal testing

Several studies conducted on animals show that curcumin in turmeric has potential when it comes to preventing and treating cancer.

· Countries consuming turmeric regularly has lesser cancer cases

One study shows that countries, such as India and China, which consume 100 mg to 200 mg of curcumin for long periods of time, have lesser incidences of certain types of cancers.

· Chemopreventive and antitumoral properties

According to studies, curcumin has chemopreventive and antitumoral properties against recurrent and aggressive cancer cells. These curcumin properties can greatly benefit patients breast, stomach, bowel, and skin cancer. See more here turmeric and pepper

· Curcumin can help osteosarcoma patients

In another study done by Washington State University research team, curcumin can successfully stop bone cancer cells from growing and promotes the growth of healthy bone cells. Curcumin can be a less harsh treatment alternative for patients, especially young children, who had to endure the painful chemotherapy treatment. This study is promising for osteosarcoma patients and for patients who had just undergone chemotherapy.

Turmeric is no doubt considered as a superfood because of all the benefits you can get from it. However, incorporating turmeric in one’s diet is quite difficult. Curcumin in turmeric is also difficult to absorb that is why you have to consume turmeric and pepper together. Aside from adding turmeric to your dishes, you can try drinking it as a tea, taking in capsules or different turmeric latte mix recipe that you can enjoy.

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