Shared Accommodation Is Good for You: Here’s Why

James Palmerston | March 26, 2020 | 0 | Real Estate

If you’re about to enter university, you must anticipate that everything is not all about glamour. Remember, you are there to study and earn a degree and not befriend every student in school. So, how do you keep up with your grades while still having fun? First things first: choose a shared student accommodation that will give you a decent roof over your head and help you gain friends you’ll treasure for life.

Here are the reasons why shared accommodation is a better choice than going solo.


If you choose couple student accommodation, you and your roommate will be able to split the responsibility of paying the rent and utility bills. In college, it is important to have that extra money, so you will have enough for emergencies. Living with someone who shares the same financial principle in life will always be a good influence throughout your college life.


When you choose shared student accommodation, you can pick a residential community that offers better services than others simply because you can afford to. Most cheaper accommodation options are priced that way for one reason only: they are far from the university belt. Renting a place that’s far away from everything can be difficult for you as a student.


A roommate will prove to be of help in times of need. For one, you don’t have to clean the place all by yourself because it’s their living quarters, too, so they will have to help. You can both pick a schedule for cleaning to avoid problems.

Another thing that makes choosing a place like Student One offering student accommodation that is shared is that you have someone to talk to all the time. It can be boring to live alone, so having your roommate to keep you company will make university life easier to manage.

Easy move-in

Living alone can be costly in terms of paying an advance rental payment and a deposit for the room you are about to rent. Having that kind of money upfront can be tough for a student. But, if you choose to live with someone, of course, you’ll be sharing those, too. Now, you can move in easily since your deposit has been paid, and your rent for that month has been logged in.

Best friends for life

Roommates often end up being best friends even after college, so if you choose to rent student accommodation with someone, your roommate will always be one of the most significant persons in your university life. And, what do you know? They might end up as one of your best friends for life.

College is one of the scariest, yet most exciting, moments in a teenager’s life. It’s an avenue for many “firsts”, which is why it is always unforgettable. One thing that makes college life a meaningful experience is meeting a lot of people and being friends with most of them up to graduation and even after school. Picking shared student accommodation might help you find your best friend who’ll live to tell the tale of surviving college life with you. For more information, visit

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