Tips on Applying Graphics and Decals on a Motorbike

All motorbike riders like their bikes and it is quite unlikely finding someone who would frown at the opportunity of accessorizing and modifying them with decals and stickers. Installing a selection of ktm plastics would probably look great on any bike. In fact, many riders prefer sprucing up their road beasts by installing graphics and decals on them. Others take this measure to conceal any scratches or dents from their bikes. If seeking for graphic installations or similar solutions, the guide below might assist you on how to apply and install them on your bike.


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Preparative Steps


It is necessary to first inspect the plastic of your acquired graphic. Have it replaced if it looks defective, scratched or scuffed in any way, maybe with the ktm plastics Australia motor spare merchants have available. Before applying the graphics to your bike, ensure that its plastic is in great shape.


For installation you will require the following:


    • paper knife / scissors


    • adhesive paper tape


    • heat gun or hair dryer


    • degreasing agent / alcohol-water mixture


    • squeegee (optional)


Do wash your hands since you need them clean when touching any replacement ktm plastics or graphics’ surface. Doing this would enable you to better prepare the application area and keep it looking neat. The graphics are quite likely to loose their stickiness too if your hands have any oil or dirt over them.

You may then proceed to prepare the surface. Remove it completely in case your bike has some pre-installed tattoos or graphics. Make use perhaps of a heat gun or hair dryer for warming up the old graphic and cleaning the surface using a degreasing agent. Avoid leaving any form of glue residues upon the surface. The bike’s material or say, replaced Australia ktm plastics need to be warmed up well, before applying the new sticker.


Applying the Graphic


Place the Decal graphics afterwards over the spot where you wish to install them before taping down the decal onto it, which helps to hold it in place. You may then peel off backing paper from the decal’s background up to its middle. Next, cut the peeled part then check whether the decal is aligned as you would have it.


Place a finger on one section of the graphics then work in small sections with your thumb or squeegee. It helps to also apply uniform pressure and remove any type of wrinkles or bubbles on the Decal graphics. Working from center out is an easy way of eradicating bubbles, peel-outs or other kinds of deformities. If bubbles persist still, you may try popping them through with fine pin or needle. Keep bringing them onto the edges and repeating the above cycle up to satisfaction.


In case, your decal has sharp curves, use warmed up sticker or heat gun after application on the surface of your replaced ktm plastics for instance. You can also cut off the excessive parts, extended and unwanted sections that cover your vent slits, access holes or bolts.


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