What’s there to love about demo cars?

James Palmerston | August 14, 2019 | 0 | Automotive

The lure of having a brand new vehicle is palpable every time a new car model is rolled out. After all, who doesn’t rave about getting into the hottest Mitsubishi model? However, the cost of new car models will definitely put a big dent on your budget.

However, here’s a take-away: you can buy a technically brand new car at a fraction of the cost. You’ve heard that right. With a Mitsubishi demo sale from dealerships today, there’s no reason why you can’t get your hands on the new Mitsubishi ASX or Mitsubishi Triton.

What are the perks of buying demo cars?

A lot of people confuse demo cars with used cars. While they may have few similarities, they differ in terms of advantages. These perks are broken down into details below:

1. They offer you cost-savings

As mentioned earlier, Mitsubishi demo sale vehicles are priced lower than brand new cars. It’s because they have been driven in the past by clients who want to test the vehicle, by dealership employees, or by those who write reviews for their model. For your peace of mind, compare the price of the demo car with that of the brand new model. If you are after savings and value for money, then a demo car will not disappoint.

2. They have higher specs

Demo cars’ specs and features are way better than used cars. While these cars already have around 5 to 6 thousand mileage, they have modern and advanced features than used cars which may not have updated safety features that modern cars have these days. Also, they are well looked after compared to used cars that have seen better days already.

3. They still come with good warranty

Although the warranty starts at 0 mileage, you can still enjoy the remaining warranty even if the car has about 5-6 thousand kilometre mileage. It’s better than no warranty at all, right? This is already a good value for your money compared to used cars.

4. They are well maintained

Since these models are used to promote sales at any dealership, it is important that they are kept in great condition. Just be sure to buy from authorised Mitsubishi dealers to get the best deal. Authorised dealers offer servicing and replacement Mitsubishi parts online Australia market offers to keep your car in tip-top shape.

Time for the verdict

Once you have decided on the specs you are looking for in a car, it’s now time to decide which model will perfectly suit your needs. Will a Mitsubishi ASX demo Brisbane dealers offer be sufficient for your daily commute or family trips? Will you be better off with a Mitsubishi Triton?

However, not all demo cars are prize finds. That is why you should still do your due diligence when buying one. Do not just jump on the first Mitsubishi Triton specials Brisbane dealers offer. Reviewing the car’s history will give you a glimpse of its past and how it was previously used as a demo car.

You should also consider the warranty and the in-service date. While savings is an important factor, you still want to ensure that the car has no dents or scratches or any signs of wear and tear. If there is any repair done to it, you might want to reconsider and get a brand new model instead.

Mitsubishi demo sale cars are way better than used cars in terms of features and reliability. Demo cars have never been sold, even though they have been driven as part of promotional stint. All in all, they are still technically brand new cars that are sold at a fraction of the cost.

You may visit Brisbane City Mitsubishi to find more options for your next vehicle purchase.

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